About F1-67

A ( Very ) basic summary -

  • 1950s - front engines rule - ok
  • 1960s - rear engined cars evolve - yippee !
  • 1967 - 1968 big rear engines - wow ! Where it all came right
  • 1969 to present wings and slicks - Where it all went wrong ? Inverted airplane anyone ?

During the early late 1950s / 1960s the development of F1 cars had seen a significant shift with the engine moving from front to rear , through the 1960 s cars were refined and one of the most celebrated periods of Formula one racing had begun -

Unfortunately as with most good things it was only a very short time before something terrible happened , someone decided to start nailing parts of airplanes onto the cars in order to develop more aerodynamic down force , sadly in terms of speed and grip this was a very good thing but the aesthetics of the cars were totally compromised and never again did an F1 car look so pure.

If you agree that this period represented the best combination of looks , power and grip ever seen in motorsport , you might aspire to owning and driving one of these very special cars , however , even given an unlimited budget and great determination there are a few factors that might prevent you from realising that ambition

  1. The cars were only around in this form for a very short period - 2 years and that was 40 years ago
  2. Many were built in such a way that longevity was never a major motivating factor in design - reaching the end of the race was in some cases considered as far as a car needed to go , often though getting to the end was a challenge in itself.
  3. This period was one of the most dangerous in racing history with many fatalities and destroyed cars , sitting surrounded by 30 gallons of fuel whilst hurtling past trees and buildings at insane speeds seems obviously suicidal by today’s standards - driver safety was very low down on the list of priorities . God bless Jackie Stewart .
  4. Most of the surviving cars are so rare that to find them in museums is a challenge , let alone fully functioning , parts to maintain any car of this era are going to be fabulously rare and expensive .
  5. If you are over 5 ft 4 and 11 stone you are simply not going to fit in the majority of these cars , jockey theory was alive and well in period and for good reason.
  6. Finding any other cars to race against could limit the enjoyment of having one somewhat.
  7. How much ? £ 500,000 ? £ 1,000,000 £ who knows ?

This then brings us to my own dilemma , if what you want is effectively unobtainable then the only way to achieve the same objective is to attempt to recreate the essence of that car , reproducing a piece of history in a manner that improves factors such as reliability and safety whilst keeping true to the spirit of the original .

F1-67 is the result , a classically styled racecar with modern , reliable , obtainable mechanics .